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Brand Name: Alazo
Facial care product produced by joint venture and contract manufacturing by GMP specifically for Seri Skaf Enterprise  (001401851-D).  
Developing research studies into these products were started in 2006 and completed in January 2010 and launched into the market on 16th February 2010 and published in Harian Metro on the 18th February 2010. We also signed an agreement with Harian Kosmo for an advertising contract for the duration of one year.
The name Alazo (Perfect Care) & Device has been patented with the Intelectual Property Corporation of Malaysia on the 20th July 2007 for a period of 10(ten) years. Certificate No: 07014020.  Health Ministry of Malaysia Division National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau has approved a Notification Note and also a Halal Certificate has been acquired.
The main ingredients are made up of natural extracts of plants and vegetations such as African potatoes, rice milk ( baby rice or rice in its earliest liquid form ). Arbutin, a whitening agent derived from the sunflower seeds oil, jojoba oil and “tara” flower oil.
Alazo products are made in Malaysia.( GMP )
The main function is facial care to maintain beauty and health by cleansing or removing scars and blemishes on one’s face caused by such as pimples, acne, blotche, discolouration and smudges. Also aging and wrinkled skin are made tauter and firmer. Expelling  toxin and protecting facial skin against UVA/UVB ). It is not oily and capable of removing excess fats and facial  oil thus making the skin healthy.
This product is for external use only and can be used by both sexes, young and old and is suitable for all skin types.